Having a nice stay on a “Koningshoeve”, is possible!

The “OranjeHoeve” is a historic farmhouse, in the middle of National Park “De Peel” build in 1912. Since 2008 this farm is used as a Bed & Breakfast. Queens’s day 2008 was the day of our start.

Since 1982 Peter and Karin van der Zwaan live on the “OranjeHoeve”. For 25 years they have run a dairy farm. Due to the fact that the farm was situated in the midwelkom_18dle of “De Peel”, an area that was determined to be redeveloped, they had to look for another challenge. Karin: “With my long experience in the catering industry, the choice was easily made. We start a Bed & Breakfast!”. After a thorough renovation, which lasted 11 months, the accommodation was ready to receive their first guests. Peter: “With rooms named like “in the Forest”, “on the Moor” and “between the Cows” you immediately get into the good mood”. A lovely bike ride or walk starts at the front door!

Come and enjoy yourself in the greenest village of the Netherlands.