Daily shopping
Helenaveen was developed for its environment: De Peel. It’s a small, quiet village. Groups who stay with us for a weekend and want to use the kitchen, can go to the next village for their daily shopping. In Liessel and Deurne you will find supermarkets, a bakery, a butcher and a greengrocer. Deurne has its own village center with cozy terraces on the market. The weekly market is here on Friday. Around the market there are streets and squares with everything you need. From supermarkets to clothing and from office supplies to pharmacies.

If you want to go shopping extensively, go to Eindhoven (30 minutes), Venlo (25 minutes) or Roermond (35 minutes). These cities are big enough for a full day of shopping. Before you know it, you’ll be back at Oranjehoeve with a lot of beautifull new stuff! Everything you need for a day of shopping can be found in these larger cities. Stroll the streets and squares and discover all kinds of nice shops! There is of course no shortage of terraces, canteens and restaurants in these cities.

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